Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not For Profit doesn't mean Not at Risk....

Why aren't the most succeptible groups in our country -  those small community organizations whose charitable endeavours help build the fabric of our communities, given special consideration under the law? Should everyone be created equally? The truth is we aren't. Despite how good and well intentioned we all are, the bottom line is that contracts govern our society.

Have you ever tried to set up a display booth in a mall these days? You have to give away your first born to set up a spot. Not only that, you have to have at least $2mm in liability? That ain't cheap!!! As a  small non-profit how do you get the word out to the community without going broke to do so. Its a HUGE Catch 22.

The truth is, contracts, both between your non-profit and the property manager and the property manager and the landlord are the single most important barrier between your organization and your next member.

That ain't right.

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