Friday, October 21, 2011

Why is insurance so boring?

When I first became a broker, part of my "training" involved reading and comparing insurance policies. What a riveting task that was!! One thing that I learned quickly was that insurance is extremely boring. No one really cares to know the difference between an Named Insured and an Additional Named Insured do they?

So it lead me to believe that if I, an insurance broker found insurance boring, then the general public must be frightened of the thought of having to think about insurance. Really though, it makes sense. Insurance is not something you can buy at the store and put on your coffee table to look at. Half of the terms are hard to understand and the other half are seemingly pointless.

Does the fact that insurance is boring make is any less important? Sure, you'd rather be doing other things than worry about insurance, but what would your organization do without it? You couldn't work in the office without it. You definitely wouldn't get any government funding without it and you certainly wouldn't be able to provide the types of services your clients find integral, without it.

We exist in a society of contracts. We wake up in the house the bank probably owns a part of and we drive our leased vehicle to an office we rent from a landlord. Insurance, with all of its infinitely boring terms and conditions, allows us to enter into those contracts. The importance then on having a trusted advisor to advise your organization is crucial. When you have someone you rely on to give you the best advise, it makes your job easier. Give your broker the task of handling your boring insurance affairs.


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  2. Insurance is extremely boring subject......